6 Days Saghro Mountain Trekking

6 Days Saghro Mountain Trekking

Ichou le Berbere invites you to join us in one of our tours in Morocco and enjoy nature + Moroccan Berber culture while trekking in Morocco with the company of your guide that will take you through the Saghro Mountains in south Morocco.

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Ichou le Berbere is a project that welcomes you to the land of the wonderful Saghro Mountain, a place of beauty, mystery and untouched nature. Join us for walking tours in Morocco, and discover great places, virgin landscapes and explore regions where only nomads go.

Ichou and his father Mr. Lahceen will organize your trekking in Morocco. They are very happy to receive you in the land of the Ait Atta tribes, and to make you known their culture, how they live their daily life, and their most interesting cultural aspects as Berbers – Amazigh.

Mr. Lahcen will guide you through out the Sagrou Mountains and make you enjoy an amazing time while trekking in Morocco.

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6 Days Saghro Mountain Trekking

On this tour you have the chance to visit several amazing mountain sites in Morocco. We start our 1st day driving early morning from Ouarzazate to Nkob where you’ll have your guide and mules waiting for you.

Photo of the Casbahs in Nkob village in south Morocco Bab n Ali Mountains Morocco

Photo of the Casbahs in Nkob village in south Morocco. Photo of the canyons of Bab n-Ali in Jbel Saghro Mountains south Morocco.

Some highlights of this trip include fantastic landscapes of volcanic mountains and you have the chance to get to know the real Ait Atta tribes environment. Unique nature and breathtaking sightseeing places such as the almond tree oasis of Ighazoun and the canyons of Bad n’Ali will make this trip trekking in Morocco an unforgettable holidays opportunity.

6 Days Saghro Trekking

  • 1st: Ouarzazate – Nkob – Ighazoun
  • 2nd day: Ighazoun – Bab n’Ali
  • 3rd day: Bab n’Ali – Issouka
  • 4th day: Issouka – Almou n’Argue
  • 5th day: Almou n’Argue – Taoudilt
  • 6th day: Taoudilt – Ouarzazate

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Posted on: January 19, 2011Dar Rita