10 Best Moroccan Musics

10 Best Moroccan Musics

Morocco is a country strong in musical abilities and production. All around the country you will always ear music on the streets, taxis, buses, restaurants, and even people singing or playing drums on the streets. Generally speaking, Moroccans are quite active in terms of musicality and dance. Moroccan music features two different ambiances given both by Arabic music and also Berber music.

Singer Raissa Rkiya Talbensirt:

On this page I’ll try to list 10 best Moroccan musics but within two sides of cultural points: 10 best Moroccan musics as a foreigner point of view; and 10 best Moroccan musics as a Moroccan point of view. On these lists we don’t show personal tastes, but, musics that can represent diverse tastes and favorite sounds for listening to Moroccan music. Also on the end of this page I will include a small section of mixes between Moroccan music and Western music. Dar Rita hopes you like this page.

10 Best Moroccan Musics

Oum Taragalte – Soul Of Morocco Official Video

Izenzaren Chamekh – Raïss Lhaj Belaïd
Historical Berber Amazigh Souss group from Morocco.

Group Fnaire – Lalla Mannana
Moroccan Arabic rap group from Marrakech.

Singer Rabbin Haim Look
Moroccan Jewish singer born in Casablanca.

Group Lemchaheb – Ya Chraa

Singer Nabyla Maan – D’nya
Nabyla Maan is a Moroccan singer born in Fez.

Group Izenzaren – Imi hna

Singer Asma Lmnawar – Aji Daba
Asma Lmnawar is a Moroccan singer born in Fez.

Latifa Raafat – Sal 3anni
Latifa Raafat is a Moroccan singer born in Kénitra.

Singer Douzi – Myriama

Singer Raissa Rkiya Talbensirt

Best Moroccan / Western Mix Musics

On this section I present some nice blends of Western music with Moroccan music, either remixes or music partnerships. Definitely both Moroccan music and Western music is a good combination.

Chemical Brothers and Najat Aatabou

and the original music from Morocco…

Singer Najat Aatabou – Hadi Kedba Bayna

Dissidenten and Lemchaheb – Fata Morgana

Posted on: January 19, 2011Dar Rita