Best of Morocco

For your convenience, we created a few interesting pages featuring different aspects of Morocco.

10 Best Music Videos Shot in Morocco

For music lovers, again I make a page showing some Western groups making music videos clips in Morocco. On this page you can appreciate different music styles but all making videos in Morocco. Many international music groups chose Moroccan best sceneraio and sites to make their music videos. I hope you enjoy this page with […]

10 Best Moments in Morocco

Like any other place in the world, Morocco is made of special sites, unique locations and special moments where you can indulge yourself in one of a kind experiences. Best Moroccan moments are spread a bit around the vast country, and the vast majority are connected either to Morocco’s calm atmosphere or sun sets associated […]

10 Best Moroccan Musics

Morocco is a country strong in musical abilities and production. All around the country you will always ear music on the streets, taxis, buses, restaurants, and even people singing or playing drums on the streets. Generally speaking, Moroccans are quite active in terms of musicality and dance. Moroccan music features two different ambiances given both […]

10 Best Things to Say in Morocco

One of the most important things to do while traveling is indeed being able to communicate or to interact with local people. Moroccan people are known for their constant smile and welcoming attitudes towards foreigners. Except in more touristic areas, normal Moroccan people will not speak English, and, either you know some words in French […]

10 Morocco Best Destinations

Morocco is a huge country with several unique destinations to visit. The country diversity makes it somehow difficult to chose where to go and where to start your holidays. This page will quickly point out some nice places to visit while traveling in Morocco in order to facilitate and give you a quick insight of […]

10 Best Moroccan Recipes

Moroccan food is tasty and very attractive to the “western food preferences” as it combines an interesting and unique selection of exotic flavors. Moroccan gastronomy gain international recognition through out the world with recipes such as the famous couscous or the well known tagine (also spelled tajine). On this page we will present you 10 […]