Ouarzazate City Map, Where is Dar Rita

Ouarzazate is located 200km south of Marrakesh, just on the other side of the Atlas Mountains. Although Ouarzazate is called the capital of the south, it is actually a small town with around 56,000 habitants, so, don’t expect a big and noisy city, as its name literally means “noiseless” in the local dialect.

Ouarzazate City
Photo of Ouarzazate from the top of Taourirt Kasbah

Map of Ouarzazate, Morocco
On this map you can notice Ouarzazate and Marrakech just 200km north after the Atlas Mountains.
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Ouarzazate is located at 1,160 meters altitude (3805 feet) and is strategically located between the mountains and the desert. Overlooking Ouarzazate you see the desert on one side and the white snowy High Atlas Mountains Peak up to 4,167 meters (13.671 feet) on the other.

Photo of Taourirt Kasbah in center Ouarzazate Morocco
Photo of Taourirt Kasbah in center Ouarzazate Morocco

Where is Dar Rita

Dar Rita is located in one of the most typical districts of Ouarzazate called Tassoumaat, precisely on the city’s entrance coming from Marrakesh.

Dar Rita Riad Hotel Ouarzazate Morocco
Photo of the door of Riad Dar Rita in Tassoumaat district, Ouarzazate

5 minutes away from Ouarzazate’s town center, Tassoumaat district offers a great opportunity to discover true Moroccan living within a small community inside Ouarzazate itself.

Tassoumaat is an old typical district in Ouarzazate entrance coming from Marrakesh road. Tassoumaatis still the only untouched by tourism districts in Ouarzazate and still maintains true typical and traditional Moroccan living.

Photo of street in the old Medina of Tassoumaat in Ouarzazate
Photo of street in the old Medina of Tassoumaat in Ouarzazate

About Tassoumaat, Ouarzazate Morocco

In Tassoumaat you can enjoy tiny streets with clay buildings, the river shore with sheep herds, local children playing on the streets, local market on the little main square, community bread ovens, etc. Coming to Tassoumaat equals experiencing true Morocco.

Tassoumaat is a calm district aside Ouarzazate river bank where can enjoy local children playing on the streets, a couple of sheep serenely hanging around and women on the way to their daily bread baking on the traditional oven just across the street.

Tassoumaat is along with Taourirt, the first districts of Ouarzazate, and where you can still explore the old Medina with mud brick buildings. Thursdays and Saturdays you can enjoy the market settled on this tiny fountain square where people from the neighborhood come to buy their groceries, clothes or just gossip about local updates and news.

Photo of sun flower and palm trees in river bank of Tassoumaat in Ouarzazate
Photo of sun flower and palm trees in river bank of Tassoumaat in Ouarzazate

Map of Ouarzazate – Location of Dar Rita

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How to Get to Dar Dar Rita

Its very simple to arrive at Dar Rita. Just go to Supratours bus office in Avenue Mohamed 5, or the Tassoumaat Police Headquarters and enter Tassoumaat district direction “zkaya” (public water tap). Then just go to the right side of the square and enter the Old Mosque street (Rue de la Mosquée / Znka Msjid lKdima). Please see this map of Tassoumaat below with detailed instructions in how to get to Dar Rita – Riad in Ouarzazate. You can easily navigate this Google map, zoom in / zoom out and click on several pins with detailed instructions and photos of Tassoumaat district.

View How to get to Dar Rita Ouarzazate in a larger map.